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Geography lessons

Severe Storms

Severe storms are Australia’s most common natural disaster and result in more property damage than cyclones, bushfires or earthquakes.  Severe storms are estimated to cost Australian around $284 million per annum.  The Sydney hailstorm of 1999 caused damage of over $2 billion. Storms develop when warm, moist air rises rapidly in an unstable atmosphere.  This uplift of … Continue reading

Business Studies

Management Approaches

Compare and contrast: classical, behavioural and contingency management approaches reviewing this Powerpoint presentation Management Approaches How does Pixar manage? See an interview with Pixar CEO Ed Catmull found at this blog For an overview of management theory, access this link To increase your knowledge and understanding of behavioural management theory access this link … Continue reading

Aboriginal Studies

Issues for Aboriginal Spirituality: Land Rights

Aboriginal beliefs expressed in the Dreaming give Aboriginal people a purpose of life.  Removal from the land withdraws an Aboriginal person from their place in the Dreaming and the place of the return of their spirit after death.  Seperation from kinship removes the sense of belonging to a community.  Kinship gives purpose and responsibility to … Continue reading