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Economics Preliminary Government and the Economy Teaching Program

The size of the Government in Australia’s economy is a topic of current political and economic debate. I have developed  a teaching program for NSW Economics Preliminary Government and the Economy that I am now sharing with you. Access the links to download Government in Australian Economy Concept Map of concepts related to why and how … Continue reading

Economics / Literacy / Teaching and Learning Programs

Writing extended responses in Economics

Learning outcomes: Identify and discuss the language features and appropriate structure for writing extended responses in Economics. Evaluate Band 3-4 and Band 5-6 written extended responses use of structure, language features and economic terminology, concepts and theories. Apply the writing process to plan and draft  an extended written response that demonstrates use of appropriate structure, … Continue reading

Economics / Literacy

Economics Law of Demand, a series of lessons to build literacy and numeracy

Learning outcomes: Describe, explain and evaluate the role and operation of markets (P3) Communicate economic information, ideas and issues in appropriate forms (P10) Use the language of economics: key terms in economic theory (P8) Interpret and construct graphs to describe changes in demand (P11) Access the links to download worksheets developed for Stage 6 Economics Preliminary … Continue reading


The Prisoner’s Dilemna : the effect of imperfect information on decision making

The Prisoner’s Dilemna demonstrates the effect of imperfect information on decisions.  It can be used in teaching about imperfect markets or the effect of imperfect information on decisions in economics. This is the prisoner’s dilemna: Two persons are arrested for burglary and possessing stolen property.  The two are put in seperate rooms and are not … Continue reading


Price Elasticity

The following videos feature animated supply and demand curves to demonstrate the effect of price elasticity. Paul Solman to introduce Price Elasticity Part One, 8 minutes. Paul Solman to demonstrate effect of price inelasticity and effect of time period  Price Elasticity Part Two, 6 minutes. Continue reading


Production Decisions

Learn about production decisions by making them in this simulation. Your business must combine your entrepreneurial talent and the skills and resources of your team to make the following production decisions. What will you produce? You must decide between: producing  aeroplanes which sell for $500,000 but require significant capital outlay, high material resource costs, high labour … Continue reading