Geography lessons

The people of Africa

Africa is a continent of diverse physical environments and diverse peoples.

In today’s lesson we will work on researching the people of Africa by:

  1. Using maps to describe the diversity of physical environments of the African continent.
  2. Using maps and internet resources to identify some of the tribes and ethnic groups in Africa and their connection to the land and society.
  3. Examining satellite images and other sources of information made available to us by flying to Africa using Google Earth.

Learning Activities:

  1. Test our knowledge of the regions of Africa by completing the map jigsaw.
  2. Explore the regions of Africa and the people of these regions by clicking this link PBS Explore Africa
  3. What does the following map tell us about the people of Africa?
  4. View Google Maps for satellite images and photographs as sources for your research report.
  5. Move to the Library to continue on completing your research assignment.


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