Geography lessons


Australians may have recently chosen this nation to be their home having migrated from other lands in this generation, they may have been born here with their families migrating 2,3 or more generations ago, or they may be indigenous Australians.  Whatever the time of our arrival, we now share this land, and we share our future.

History is something that we also share.  It may not be a history that we contributed to, however it has left its’ mark on the life experiences of our people.  Sadly many indigenous Australians still feel the hurt of injustices including poverty and lower life expectancy.

The differences between non-indigenous and indigenous Australians needs to be reconciled.

Review the Powerpoint presentation we discussed in class Reconciliation

See the attached barometer for the 2008 reading of the attitudes of non-indigenous and indigenous Australians.  Reconciliation Barometer 2008


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