Geography lessons

From urban sprawl to urban consolidation

The birth of the “Baby Boomer” generation and with it the dream of Australian families owning a free standing home on a quarter acre block resulted in urban sprawl.

However our population is changing. 

(1. Comment on current Australian population trends.  )

The demands of a growing and changing population structure, together with the high costs of urban sprawl has seen a shift towards policies of urban consolidation. 

(2. Comment on the economic, social and environmental costs of urban sprawl.  What are the benefits of urban consolidation?)

The NSW State Government’s metropolitan strategy can be described as urban consolidation with an  increase medium and high density housing in areas close to existing public transport infrastructure and places of employment.  Local government councils have been set targets to increase housing density, and in some instances where local councils have resisted NSW Department of Planning has appointed planning panels to replace local council planners for example Kuringai Municipal Council.


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