How widespread is our use of e-commerce?

E-commerce or electronic commerce refers to the use of the internet by individual consumers, businesses, non-government and government institutions for commercial purposes.

Online shopping, online banking, share trading, bill payments, completion of tax returns, registration of motor vehicles, payment of road tolls are just a few examples of e-commerce.

Investigate types of e-commerce transactions you will likely conduct in your life time by visiting these websites and answering these questions:

Commonwealth NetBank demonstrations

RTA online services

Australian Stock Exchange Researching Shares

Centrelink Services and Payments for students aged 16-24

1. Who are the 2 parties involved in this transaction (consumer/business/government/non-government institution)?

2. Is there a transfer of funds or processing of a payment in this transaction?

3. How is the consumer’s personal information protected in this transaction?

4. Are you able to complete this transaction without using the Internet? Is there a face to face option to complete this transaction? What advantages and disadvantages of completing this transaction over the internet versus face to face?


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