Geography lessons

Population issues mash up

Contribute to our class mash up on population issues to be shared with the class this Friday.

Get creative and express a view on an Australian population issue.

Population issues:

  • Australia’s immigration policy: is the Australian government looking to limit future immigration numbers?  Why are we looking to involve East Timor?
  • How is the NSW Government responding to our increase in population.  What are the problems of urban sprawl? What is urban consolidation?
  • Why is Kuringai Council so upset by the actions of NSW Planning?
  • What ecological problems could be worsened by an increase in our population?
  • Why are coastal environments threatened by changing demographics? ….

Mash up ideas

  • Draw a cartoon
  • Record a podcast of an interview or a debate
  • Write lyrics for a song
  • Produce an animated movie
  • Write a poem
  • Write an Opinion letter to be published in a major newspaper

Email your mash up contribution by Thursday night.  I know it isn’t alot of notice, however it is not a major assessment.  Rather it is an opportunity  to think about the issues, communicate creatively to develop your understanding and that of your classmates.


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