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Australia’s natural hazards

Natural hazards have an impact on every Australian State and Territory. These hazards include bushfires, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, landslides, severe weather, tsunami and volcanoes. These phenomena threaten lives and damage private and public assets, as well as disrupt water, power, transport and communication services. These hazards and their associated impacts also can seriously affect employment, public administration and incomes to industry, agriculture and commerce.  In Australia, natural hazards are estimated to cost an average of A$1.25 billion annually, but the cost of individual hazards can be much greater. For example, in 1989 an earthquake cost the community in the New South Wales city of Newcastle an estimated A$4.5 billion. (Source Geoscience Australia – Natural Hazards )

Learn more about recent natural hazards and their impact on Australian communities.

Tropical Cyclone Larry 2006

Victorian Bushfires 2009 Black Saturday


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