9CO7 Your thoughts on C.R.O.C.

“Article 2 ( Protection without discrimination) states that all parties shall treat the children within their country equally even if they are of a different race, gender, religion etc. . . We’d all like to believe that racism does not exist but the truth is it does and it is all around us but at least under tis treaty children know that they have a right to be treated equally even if they are of a different gender, race, religion etc.”

Article 9 You can’t be separated from your parents if it is against your own will or in our best interest Every child in Australia has the right to stay with their parents; no child in Australia can be forced to separate with their parents if they do not want to. This right has been breached during the time of the stolen generation. Many Aboriginal children were forced to move away from their parents and family and go live in a Christian Mission. Once a child has moved away from their parents this convention no longer applies as they have chosen to move away according to their own free will.

Article 12 If you are capable of forming your own views you also have the right to express these views and have them heard. This human right is important to me as it gives me the right to be able to express my opinion, it lets have my own voice and have my own views and values on different subjects.

Article 13 states that all children have the right to freedom of expression and information if it is within the legal boundaries.  All children should be able to express them selves in a way in which they feel represents them and what they believe. We can wear what we want and talk how we want as long as it is in within legal boundaries. All information should be free and available for all children to get a hold of.  If they need or want to understand something children should be allowed to access the needed information.

Article 19 You are to be protected from neglect and abuse. This right is important because child hood is supposed to be a free and fun experience for children. They should be nurtured and loved and not in any way feel neglected or abused. If they ever have been neglected or abused in child hood, it can most likely ruin their child hood, make them feel insecure and when they grow up they will have bad memories, and it is bad for their futures.

Article 28 You have the right to access education means that, all children should be given a fair go at life, they should all have the right to go to school and get a decent job to support themselves as they grow up.  A child’s background, parents,  wealth or anything else should not be the thing in his/her way of a chance to make something big and worthwhile out of their life.  Every person in this world should be able to grow up with the basics, to be able to not only read and write but to be able to get a job and to support their family as they grow up.

Article 40 says that children have numerous rights in which they are administrated in criminal and civil procedures. Children don’t have the same understanding in which adults do in relation to criminal and civil matters, therefore children are given rights.


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