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Metacognition of effective reading strategies whilst learning about Human Resource Management

Develop metacognition of reading and learning strategies to increase personal effectiveness of study

  • Reactivate prior learning with advance organiser.
  • Increase effectiveness of my reading by:
    1. Scanning the text to determine text structure, noting headings and anticipating content, preparing questions that you would like to have answered.  (These questions will be preparation for your participation in our next lesson)
    2. Study diagrams and note interpretation of results presented (we will discuss these next lesson)
    3. Download and complete reading organiser employment relations (due to submit for feedback)

Content for Study: Business Studies HSC Human Resources

This lesson is part of a series of lessons on the HSC Topic: Human Resources.

Review prior knowledge of:

  • The role of human resource management
  • Stakeholders in human resource processes: employers, managers, employees, employer associations, unions, government organisations.
  • Key influences on employment relations: social, legal, organisational behavioural, economic.

Learning outcomes for this lesson (Business Studies skills related to Human Resources content) :

  • Describe human resource management functions of recruitment, training and development, performance management.
  • Analyse effectiveness of management decision making for a business and recommend alternative strategies.



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